Fun Home – “Knit Into Place”

(Photo Credit: bandcamp)

Grade: B+

Fun Home started as a folk duo, with twin sisters Sara and Rose Savage. Although they’ve since expanded the band to include Daniel Hagendorf on drums and Benjamin Gardner on bass, and have adapted a more emo/indie sound, their folk presence is still a strong influence on their new “Knit Into Home” EP, released on Broken World Media. Four of the five songs end on lightened, often acoustic rhythms. The vocals have an unfiltered sweetness to them, not usually akin to emo groups. And even the lengths of the songs reflect an indie-folk element – the longest is 3:03.

“Stay Inside,” the opener, is a sweet and light midtempo song, with a very distant and almost apathetic attitude to it, using electric guitars but only barely. “Felt So Tired,” meanwhile, has more of a driving energy. The energy comes from a pounding snare drum during the verses that counteracts a bigger sound during the chorus. “Felt So Tired” might be the EP’s best song, with beautiful lyrics paired with a heartful energy that’s equal parts emo and folk.

“Bad Weather,” the EP’s midpoint, is the most driving track. It leans closer to emo than any other one, with a more simple, louder rhythm and some powerful lyrics. “Falling Asleep On the Floor” acts almost as an interlude – acoustic, quiet and pretty – although it is definitely a standalone song, and a strong one. It’s a great follow-up to “Bad Weather,” and one that shows the band is equally effective at quiet rhythms as they are loud blasts. The final track, “I’m Not There,” is the strongest vocally, with a very catchy vocal chorus. The song is actually the weakest musically, but it is saved by the strength of the vocals.

It’s snowing where I am right now, and it makes the perfect backdrop for “Knit Into Place.” It’s a cold weather album (one song is called “Bad Weather”). It has a warm feeling, produced by beautiful melodies and acoustic work mixed in alongside escalating, electric volumes. Fun Home aren’t exactly a “Fun” band, but the EP is consistently sweet yet drastic, and although it might take a few listens to fully appreciate, all four members are obviously talented musicians. Through the fusing music and captivating lyrics, the band manages to sound like average people, recording music not for profit or to make a statement, just to make something of their own – a big part of the current emo movement. “Knit Into Place” shows a lot of potential. The blending of folk, indie and emo works nearly every time. Let “Knit Into Place” be part of your snowed-in soundtrack.

The album is available for cassette purchase here and for streaming and downloading here.

If you like this, try: Laura Stevenson & the Cans, any album. Though the band doesn’t sound all that much like the Cans, they have all the same elements: poppy, catchy rhythms that are vastly different on every track; devastating lyrics; strong, strong vocals.

-By Andrew McNally

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