Post-Grad Music (and probably other stuff) Reviews

Hello, welcome, good morning! If you’re seeing this then you’re one of the many teens of people that have been following this long-defunct blog. After many attempts to kick myself in the ass and start using this site for music reviews again, I’m finally actually forcing myself to do it.

I don’t know what this will look like going forward, I may use this to also discuss other personal interests of mine (film, pro wrestling, leftist politics). It’s definitely going to be a looser place for my thoughts. I had set some weirdly rigid rules for myself when I first launched this site 9 (!) years ago that I simply do not want or need to follow. I’ll still be doing standard music reviews – and sure submissions can be open – but I will not be sticking to that.

In the meantime, if you’ve been desperate to read some music writing of mine (hi mom), then you catch up on some I’ve done for Allston Pudding, covering mostly local bands in my beloved home city. I’m particularly proud of the interviews with Perennial and the Dirty Nil. I’ll still be focusing there, especially for local premieres & gigs. But I’d love to restart this blog as a free-for-all collection of reviews, thoughts & opinions. K? K!